4-26-2019 9:33am

Wowz! A long time since I updated this...Anyways, yesterday I took a nap and had the most incredible dream where I was playing a golden flute. Each note I played reverberated and echo'ed so intensely and made the most heavenly angelic sound that I simply cannot describe because I've never heard an instrument make such a sound. I was playing it and I could feel each note being played vibrate the inside of my mouth, my head, my ears. Each note also vibrated the air in perfectly circular rings that were visible as well. I can't remember how the song I was playing went though...

4-07-2019 9:12am

I'm in a huge mansion, with a large party going on. It's nighttime, and most of the patrons are other guys. They're all different ages, and are gathered for some sort of proffessional/school mixer/party? My lover and other friends are there with me. At the party, my lover and I start chatting up two older guys. The conversation quickly devolves into something sexual, and we start to move towards a bathroom. Next thing I know, we're fooling around together.. My lovers in the stall next to me with one guy and I with another. As we're fooling around I can hear them in the stall next door. I have this strange feeling of everything going WRONG, of the absurd position we were in, so I decide to check in on my lover and his mister-ess in the next stall over. At that moment, everyone else in the bathroom dissapears into vapor. They're simply gone. The bathroom has the flourescent green-yellow light that is bright, but the only light in the room, so parts are covered with darkness. I move around frantically searching for them but cannot find them. I toss through their clothes and wait around for them to appear, but they never come. I leave the bathroom and return to another group of my friends who are having dinner service in a large room down a dark hallway. The entire mansion is barely lit despite the party being so crowded. I ask about my lover and they said they had recently seen him, that he's gone downstairs. I run towards the stairs, trying to move through the crowd..I'm yelling...searching...calling for him.

4-05-2019 9:56am

I'm moving through a futuristic city during the day. I come up to this incredibly large bridge that was very high in the sky, below a blue ocean, it's sunny outside and very windy. The bridge itself had two separate parts that were disconnected from the main bridge, that swung to the left and right like a pendulum. So, to get across safely one must time when they move forward past this part of the bridge that was moving with the portion ahead that was stationary, as to not fall off when the swinging portion moves to the left/right and is completely over nothing below. One portion was at the very beginning of the bridge, and swung to the left and right in a rythmic motion. I carefully tried to walk through it, but manage to fall off at the last second. I'm free falling and think about how this is what it must feel like to die. Right as I hit the water I instantly, "wake up," and have a sensation of bubbles moving up through my body as everything goes black for a second. I open my eyes and I'm in a bedroom. I stand up because a tiny blue bird flies into my room and gets on my bed. I'm trying to shoo the bird off my bed, so I stand up ontop my bed and try to get the bird out of my room. The bird starts sparkling and giving off trails of blue crystals as it moves around, and has a slight blue glow to it. As I struggle to get it out, I fall onto my bed and move the sheet covers over. Under the steet covers is a small creature that is suddenly startled and very angry, and immediately attacks me. I wake up in reality out of this false one yelling out loud.

4-02-2019 9:31am

I am riding an AC Transit bus down an incredibly bump and steep hill. The driver of the bus is the CEO of the company I used to work for (wearing full suit and tie). Suddenly, there is a layer of dirty water floating around in the bus. As we move down the hill it goes to one side and back and forth a lot. The CEO walks away from the drivers seat and the bus keeps moving despite this, and he walks to the back of the bus to address a passanger whom he knows and says that we all must get off the bus because of the water. The bus pulls up to the next stop and we all jump out. I bounce around out of the bus as if incredibly light on my feet, down a flight of very ancient and medieval(?) structured cement staircase into a dark hallway. Then I remember having my mouth full of chewing gum, and walking into a church where my friends were all hanging out at. Last, I'm at a computer and my lover walks up to me, starts talking to me about what I'm doing on the computer, and I give him a huge hug. I don't want to let go as he tries to walk away.

3-29-2019 9:05am

I remember faintly, flying around on broomsticks like a witch. Then I managed to run into a old friend of mine (also flying around on a broomstick) who used to have sexual relations with, and I do some dirty stuff to him in a closet when we are suddenly alone.

3-27-2019 ~2:20am

Laying next to my lover in his bed. He's asleep, and after a while I drift into sleep as well. I start to dream, but it's so incredibly shallow in immersion that I wake up from it when he moves slightly to get up. I recall only a girl telling me what to do. How to feel. What to say.

3-26-2019 11:43am

I'm walking across Shattuck in downtown Berkeley, near Half Price Books (but it wasn't the same store). After I cross the street a man yells at me and pulls a gun, shooting me in my right calf. I can feel the sensation of being shot (similar to what some folks describe as "ghost pain"). He yells more (can't remember what) and then shoots me in my right shoulder. I feel the bones get blown apart and wake up.

3-25-2019 8:59am

Woke up after multiple dreams. Visions of a woman who was struggling with her mental health, who was being controlled, who couldn't make it through the ceremony she was forced to attend. After the ceremony she walks outside and begins to dig into the dirt while her peers crowd the hallway outside. Digging, crying, breaking down. Before, she would put the dirt into the pockets of her dress. Now, she wears a light blue dress and keeps digging without putting it inside. The man who was giving the speech, the man everyone came to see, is your typical young white male patriarch in the making. He's clean cut. Instead of meeting the crowd, he walks up to the girl digging and says, "I put a pocket in your dress, just for the dirt, remember?" The girl realizes that in the inside of her shirt there is a large pocket near her chest. She starts to put some of the dirt she's frantically digging out into her chest, but the man pulls her away. She keeps clawing, screaming, crying, desperate.